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Check out these links to learn more about what Cambridge City and the surrounding area has to offer you.


You are one click away from all things going on in Wayne County! Waynet is works to help promote Wayne County, Indiana

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Why start a business in Cambridge City? There’s a lot to celebrate about Indiana — low taxes, affordable real estate, vibrant communities and a well-established workforce.


A lot has changed in Wayne County recently: the job market has expanded, wages are on the rise, new businesses are reshaping local communities and culture, all while cost of living remains among the most affordable in the nation. Find out what possibilities await you.


The Cambridge City Town Council meets the second Monday of each month in the City Building. The meetings are open to the public. The City Building is home to the Clerks office, the Public Works office, and host the Town Council meetings. 


The Cambridge City Public Library is a great resource for local citizens. The library offers programs and materials for all ages as well as being the home of the Overbeck Museum which features the pottery of the Overbeck Sisters,  and the The History Museum and Archives of the Cambridge City Public Library, which is dedicated to collecting and preserving papers, photographs and artifacts of the history of the Western Wayne area. 

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At Western Wayne School Corporation, we strive to make each student a well-rounded individual. We focus not only on educational needs but on their physical, emotional and social needs as well. Learning is not enough; we want our students to learn how to learn.  Our principles stem from these five pillars of success:  Joy,  Community, Impact, Empowerment, and Teamwork.

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