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Please consider a parade entry for your business in our lighted parade on Saturday, Nov. 25 @ 8. Contact Tina Brown - RMD Patti - 478-4131 or email:  tinah@rmdpatti.com



General Meredith


Historic Timeline


Historic Homes


Overbeck Pottery


Historic Landmarks



Riverside Cemetery

In February, 1868, a committee was appointed to find a suitable burial place. The land was purchased for $250 per acre, and is located on the north east side of Cambridge City. The most prominent monument is that of General Solomon Meredith. Its presence is a fitting tribute to the history of Riverside Cemetery.


Whitewater Canal

The canal was to be constructed from a point near the mouth of the Nettle Creek where it empties into the west fork of the Whitewater River just south of Hagerstown, through Cambridge City, Connersville, Brookville and on to Lawrenceburg. Construction began on July 28, 1842. By October, 1845, the canal had been completed to Cambridge City at the cost of $1,137,665 and a length of 76 miles. The success of the Canal was short lived due to flooding and the coming of the railroads. The dream of Cambridge City becoming a metropolis never materialized.


Visit the Whitewater Canal Museum, located on the third floor of the Vinton House (on Main Street in downtown Cambridge City).


Historic Landmarks