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Upcoming Events


Contact the Town of Cambridge City for utilities and permits:  

(765) 478-3522 or


Fireworks - July 3rd.

Creitz Park at dusk


Canal Days - Sept. 8 & 9


Cambridge City Christmas Wonderland- November 24

The Cambridge City Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer you the opportunity

to show our community what your organization is all about! In an effort to bring our

community together and get more people involved, we are inviting your organization to

have a display at our Community Spirit Event.


Here is how it will work…


We will be sending out a direct mail to the area zip codes so that no household is

unaware of our efforts. This event is free to you as a service from your local Chamber.

Your group will assign one or more people to man your table. It will be a 2-hour time

slot. The Archive will be open all day for you to set up your display at your convenience. Be sure to include fliers or pamphlets with information about your organization, any handouts or advertising items and membership forms or sign-up sheets for volunteers. Also, be prepared to explain your needs and goals to prospects. Let them see your passion for what your do. Use your imagination and make an impact with your display!

At the event, people can stop in, browse the different tables and talk with your people

about your groups offerings and find out what might interest them. Our goal for that night is that we all come away with new prospects, volunteers and members. We want people to understand how working together strengthens our community and creates a spirit of pride. There will be light refreshments and drinks available to the attendees. We will also

advertise and collect door prizes to help draw people in.


Please let us know that you will be participating as soon as possible. Email:

bethleisure@gmail.com or call 765-478-4689 with RSVP and any questions you may have. You can share an 8’ table with someone else, have a 5’ round table to yourself or bring your own table. You will need to provide your own table covering and any other supplies you may need for your display.


We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this event and help spread the word

throughout the area to ensure we have a good turnout.


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